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Andie and Wes' Intimate Mountain Wedding 

Andie and Wes had been planning their wedding for a long time and as the months approached, so did a pesky thing called covid-19 that turned into a massive world wide pandemic. This global shut down however, did not deter this two, and they just rolled with the punches. The hardest part about the decision to go ahead with their wedding was that the boarder between Canada and the USA was closed and Andie's family was unable to make the drive up to Canmore. During their ceremony they had a camera set up with a live stream of the entire thing that her closest family and friends could tune in to. Andie was also given letters from her parents and siblings that she read aloud during the ceremony that had everyone tearing up. It made for an incredibly special moment. Due to the small number of physical guests, everyone got a chance to tell their favourite stories about Andie and Wes which kept everyone laughing and crying. After the ceremony everyone was given a personalized picnic basket and shared a wonderful hiking inspired lunch sprawled out on individual blankets. It was the most intimate wedding we have had the pleasure of being a part of. We wish you all the best in your future endeavours and cannot wait to see you again, Andie and Wes! 

Sweaters: Fjallraven

Skirt:  Bluish Toronto

Rings: Ash Hilton Jewellery

Brides Suspenders: Passed down from Andie's grandfather, Don Anderson which he got while in the US Army

Flowers: Creative Edge Flowers

Location: Canmore Alberta



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